Posted On:Apr201915

fossilfestival2Here’s one of the dinosaurs made during a recent activity at The Hub for Fossil Festival, but have you ever held an actual fossil or mineral? How did you know it was a fossil? What is a fossil? Do you know why minerals are important and that we can even search for them in space!

At the Natural History Museum in London, we ask questions about specimens like fossils and minerals every single day. The Museum has millions of objects, which include everything from fossils to butterflies to meteorites and minerals. We are bringing some exciting things to The Hub in Lyme Regis as part of the great Fossil Festival.  Drop in to our hands-on activities lead by Museum scientists where you can explore fossils and other amazing treasures from our famous collections.  Learn to use questions and other scientific ideas to examine specimens to learn more about the natural world and be like a Museum Scientist for yourself.  Fantastic, informative, fun and free!