As well as having a space large enough for band practice we now have the means for you to make your very own music with our state of the art audio video studio. Sample sounds, create muliple tracks and export the final piece to whichever professional software your heart desires.

If your audio skillls are better placed for films and video then we have just the solution, a video suite, with green screen facility so you can isolate subjects (like a human) and superimpose it over any video you can find. So perhaps today you might be standing on top of the tallest mountain in the world and tomorrow you might be reporting from underwater. The sky is the limit, use your imagination.


1x Canon D70 camera

Ix heavy Manfrotto tripod with pan and tilt head

3x Redhead studio lights

1x stand and large green screen cloth


2 x JBL 5”monitor speakers

2 x closed back headphones

4 x microphone stands

2 x ShureSM58 Dynamic microphones

1 x Rode NT1-A condenser microphone and support

CDC 32 vocal shield

Saffire pro40 Audio interface (16 channel in and out)

Mackie mixer (8 input)

Small Midi keyboard

1x Lavalier lapel mic

Small headphone amp/mixer (4 way)

Stage box (12 way)


Edit and manipulate

1x Macbook pro with Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro

3 x external hard drives

1x flatscreen TV /monitor

Hiring the studio

The space and the equipment can be hired separately. We have a special introductory rate for the first 6 months of £5 per hour.  This is payable on booking in accordance with our booking conditions.  The room has wifi access.