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Rupert Charlesworth and Edwige HerchenroderThe first ever Opera concert at The Hub is being held on Saturday 9th May as part of the Concerts in the West programme.  Rupert has performed at many world class events and it is an honour to hear him perform at The Hub.  Fantastic!

Tickets are available on the door or from Serendip Bookshop and include a complimentary drink and entrance on June 6th to hear Alexander Ullman play our beautiful piano at The Hub.  Student discounts apply.

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Lions!  The end of another great Drama session.

Lions! The end of another great Drama session.

Through the unique programme developed by the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy and through patience and insight it is possible to bring the best out of even the most reluctantly shy child.

Drama classes started at The Hub at the end of last year and are now up and running very successfully.  The Hub is a brilliant venue for young people to express themselves in.  This summer term will be a production term and if anyone has any budding actors in their house send them along!  Contact Georgina on 01308 423591 for your free trial class.


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The Hub Jams

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The Hub JamsThe Hub Jams are back!  Every Tuesday from 6.30 take the opportunity to play music, sing and socialise!  Working in small mixed groups, the team of music leaders and young music leaders help you explore different styles of music making, playing in small groups, and writing your own original material.

The Big Mix is Lyme’s own youth music festival by the sea, providing an eclectic mix of upbeat and groove based acts, a showcase of some of the most exciting and vibrant young music acts around.  Auditions are at The Hub on Friday 24 April and 8 May between 7-9pm.

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Remember to book your place!

Remember to book your place!

Funding is available for these free workshops. It can be parents or grandparents that come along and have a fun free session making hamburgers at The Hub. We have some families that have registered but we need more to get the funding for the session to go ahead!

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Dance Workshop

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PosterHalf term workshiopsThe Easter Workshop was so very successful that there is one on Tuesday 26th May between 10-1pm.  A fusion of dance styles, technique class and then a choreographed workshop performance for parents to see.  Bring a snack and drink, dance shoes or barefeet and lots of energy.  Anita Bradfield is a professional dancer and has many years experience working with young people.  Please telephone Anita on 07914845069 to book a space.  £10 for the session and suitable for all ages.

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Make Burgers!!

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Remember to book your place!

Remember to book your place!

Tony will show you how to make a delicious burger and then you can eat it for lunch.  This is on Friday 10th April with other sessions planned for after school.

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FullSizeRenderThe Festival is really busy with lots of great events happening around Lyme Regis.  Best of all though will be the Literary Prize Ceremony that’s being held at The Hub on Saturday!  Plus books for sale, how exciting!!

Go to Lyme Literary Festival for all the updates!

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