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Youth club at The Hub is continuing on Wednesday’s thanks to the great fundraising efforts of it’s members and of Lyme Luggers Ukulele Band who very kindly donated £900 to the club.  For the full report please see the following link and read the article that was in The View Newspaper!

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Zoe and her her youth club group from London stayed at The Hub last weekend to help with their grieving process. This is what Zoe said about their stay:

On September 10th my group of bereaved teenagers from West London travelled down to Lyme Regis from Nottinghill . The purpose of our visit was a sad of our group “Fola ” aged 17 ,was brutally murdered on July 3rd by another youth in a savage knife attack.

As the lead youth worker and mentor on the estate where Fola lived, I felt we had to respond to this hideous event by helping his many friends through their grieving process.

After a long sad summer I felt they needed a fun residential weekend and as an ex Lyme girl myself I chose to bring them to my favourite place in the world.

We booked the Hub which was a funny one for me as I remember coming here as a kid and using the trampolines ! Back then it was called The Boys Club !

The Hub was perfect for us, loads of space to run around and really close to the beach !

The weather was perfect and on the Sunday we even manged to get out on Harry Mays boats to let off our white balloons out at sea in memory of Fola. We even had our own life guards

Urban Partnership Group enjoying the beach

Urban Partnership Group enjoying the beach

Hope and Barney both local to Lyme .

The young people fell in love with Lyme, and we would love to come again and visit the Hub !

– It was a privilege to host such a group for a special occasion, indoor camping at The Hub certainly worked –

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Yoga Gong Bath

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skm_c30816091311300Gong baths are a powerful way to bring your body and mind into balance.  A gong bath can shift your being from a state of suffering into a state of healing and clarity.  During a gong bath or after relaxation, some people may feel extremely relaxed, or may experience a spontaneous release of feelings.  Each experience is unique and very personal and is said to address each individual’s particular issues and state of being.  You may also experience different feelings from one gong bath to the next.

Whilst having a Gong sound bath your body will naturally tune in and create a resonance with the sound. Each Gong works on a different part of you. Energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, there is no part that will not receive the sound.  A sound bath offers an opportunity to experience the restorative power of sound.  As our bodies are comprised mainly of water, cells in our bodies resonate with sound vibrations which offer a non-invasive massage enabling physical and emotional energy to become unblocked and tension to be unreleased often to be energised.

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fossil-lady-of-lymeThe Hub is very excited to play host to The Fossil Lady of Lyme on 15 October. Alison Neil’s one-woman play tells the fascinating story of Mary’s life, friendships, her struggle to make her mark and put food on the table. It’s both amusing and moving and you’ll know the difference between an ichthyosaur and a plesiosaur by the end of the play!

Tickets are on sale at Lyme Regis Tourist Information office.

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SWK Lyme Regis

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SWK Lyme RegisSWK Lyme Regis will continue kickboxing classes through the summer holidays.  They will be on Monday 7-8.30pm and on Thurdays between 8-9pm.  It’s a sport that you can do on your own, with friends of family and is suitable for all ages and abilities.   Real good workout and fun!

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Great Stay!

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Year 3 and 4 students from Fourlanesend Primary School had a lovely stay at The Hub, visiting the attractions in the town!  This is what one of the students wrote about their visit:

Week beginning 18th April 2016
On Monday morning, we set off for Lyme Regis and our one-night residential. We arrived at the Hub and had lunch before walking to the Town Mill. Here, we met Phil and Irena (artists) and one of the millers – they made our visit really interesting and we even brought home freshly milled flour and a beautiful card. When we returned to the Hub, we laid out our roll mats and sleeping bags ready for the night.
Then we walked to the beach to eat our chips – we had to fight off the pesky seagulls although one of them did manage to pinch some of Kanye’s tea! It made us all giggle. After some play time on the beach, we returned to get ready for bed – some of us fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow and some of us took a little longer!
The next morning, after breakfast, we met Chris who was our fossil guide. We had an amazing day on the beach learning about the different types of fossils and then hunting for our own. All of the adults that went with us were really impressed with our use of school values when on our trip. We would love to go back again soon!

For more information about stays at The Hub look at our Hire the Hub website page.  We are also listed on Group Accommodation

You can see information about the Town Mill by going to and for information about fossil walks and Lyme Regis Museum please go to
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Coffee Morning!

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The Coffee morning event held this week at The Hub organised by Lisa Eastwood was a really great idea. I met lots of people that hadn’t been to The Hub before and secured a booking for a large family group who will stay overnight in our building indoor camping on New Years Eve. They can use the WIFI, Wii, Xbox, all the sports equipment, TVs and have a movie. They’ll be busy watching the New Years Eve fireworks and then in morning dashing out to do the Lyme Lunge!

If anyone else would like to stay overnight at The Hub, adults, scouts, schools, please get in touch. Residential stays is a great way for The Hub to generate some income when the building is not being used for young peoples and community activities.Chalk board

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